#33: Warrior

I am happy to be a warrior of faith.


In beginning the year, I knew it would be one where my life was going to completely change. Explaining how I know that isn’t really meant for words. Experience being my favorite teacher growing up, has helped to me realize that when you know something is truly right or wrong, you adheed to it. You go with the feeling thats telling, “do it”, and against the “don’t do it”.

“Just do it” has become my mantra, and the experience in the last year thru work and travel, business and pleasure, I’ve found myself in new places. Seeing life in new places is exciting because you can become so comfortable in your own world, that when you begin to see an entire existence existing without you, you begin to wonder what “this life” would be like with you in it.

Those visions and dreams are meant to be followed. The ones who are free in life are the ones who follow their dreams. Only the ones who follow their dreams, are free to fly.  Being scared of the flight is not what the issue was, it became of the fall. Now I know not to listen to that. Life doesn’t have to be an insurance agency plaguing yourself with “what ifs”?  It should in turn be replaced by “why nots”?

I am HAPPY to be a Warrior of Faith, a Warrior of Flight and not of fall or fail.

I hope to spread the notion and thank you to the ones who live the notion and have taught me the notion.


all in Love.





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