#31: Quantity vs. Quality

I wasn’t exactly the most amazing Business student. I passed my finals by sticking my notes in my iPod in the lyrics to a song. Could have been one of my most genius moments as of yet. But when it comes to this site, I think I should use one of the few things I retained: QUANTITY VS. QUALITY.

In the excitement of creating this site, I figured making an exact amount of 2,011 posts would be highly attainable.

Reality at one point or another knocks at my door making me realize I have a full-time and a half job, as well as a full-time life. I’m wondering if I got ahead of myself. You know kind of like inflation?

So in that case, im going to make as much as possible and keep 2,011 a pending number. Definitely more than the ratio of one a day, but emphasis on the QUALITY of what I’m writing rather than just filling it with massive  QUANTITY.

I am not giving up first and foremost.

But just in case I don’t hit that exact amount of 2,011, I’m happy for the Quality of the page and for the people who are reading it. Hope you enjoy all the way to the years end and so on.

All in Love,


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