#20-26: Aroma and the Halumi

Across the street from my home for about a year this place called #20 AROMA Espresso Bar has been open.

I’ve never been. The whole time I figured it was simply espresso. That was kind of naive, but either way I was very curious to go and be a cliché, grab my laptop, and have a blog lunch aka blunch.  Walking in I found a full menu from breakfast croissants to an assortment of wine. Sold! Of course they sold food, but I was indeed surprised. I simply ordered a mint lemonade first being overwhelmed by the wide array of options. After flipping about the menu a few times while writing, I went for the #21 Halumi sandwich. Halumi is a cheese I’ve never heard of from a place I’ve never been. It’s apparently a native of Cyprus, Greece. Honestly, you don’t have to convince me too much when it comes to cheese, so I was in.

It was absolutely delicious.

Also AROMA had an awesome play-list. Here are some of the tunes that played in the background I could recognize:

#22. Amy Winehouse – Cupid

#23. Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo

#24. Katie Melua – If You Were a Sailboat

#25. Feist – Gatekeeper

#26. Paulino Moska – Falsa Baiana


I will definitely be going back to fulfill my coffeehouse dreams.

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