#14 “118” – A Very Happy UnBirthday

My lucky number is 118.

Today is 1.18

It is my very happy un birthday.



My entire life it has stalked me out. So in honor I would name today my happy un-birthday. In college we celebrated it once with a cake. Today I celebrate it with a day off of work. It’s serendipitous in the sense my allergies have made my eyes sensitive to sunlight so the whole driving situation was a fail, but in turn I have a much-needed day off. God works in mysterious ways as do allergies.

Any who when it comes to figuring out what this number means, I have no idea. It has no significance to anyone but me. So there is no lost loves birthday, old home address, or amount of foreign coins collected to match it to. All I know is it’s there. Friends can definitely attest to it as well as family members. Anytime they called me crazy about it, it has popped up in the strangest of places almost immediately. Maybe their cell phone number, across the TV, or a passer-by-er speaking it. Then they just called me a witch and threw stones at me.

All I know is it’s a very happy un-birthday to me! Today I will celebrate by putting up all the blogs posts I neglected over the weekend.

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