#5, 6, & 7 Tuesday Boozday

#5Sandbar on Tuesdays in the Grove will feature music acts Davinci and Live Free. Miami Beat Wave, the best sound to ride, comes along as well who helped to produce their music. Sandbar doesn’t really seem like the place to host it, but it’s actually just what it has been missing. Now the bars weekly pudding wrestle will really have to step its game up.

#6Also, while in the grove, I ran into the celebrity hobo who always shouts “back that ass up!” and “where da hoes at?” So I greeted him like usual “Back that ass up!” he reverted the same redundant comment, but I liked it. He handed me a crumbled up, lime green paper and let me know he now has a video and Facebook page as well as website. I think everyone needs to step it up now.

Now Starring in:

“Where da Hoes at!”

Facebook: “Whereda Hoes-at”


(not really sure how he will answer your emails, but hey why not. Probably more entertaining than sending a late nite text)


#7 Last but not least, I would like to thank New York Roma Pizza and my good friend Carrie Ryan for introducing me to White Pizza. Where has this racially conscious pizza been hiding my whole life? Its so damn good. I’m slowly finding things that make me think vegetarians could be on to something. Nevertheless, vegans are still confused and depressed souls, I’m convinced.

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